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The faces of Buddies’ Emerging Creators Unit

Youth program opens the series to a wider range of projects

(L-R) Chase Lo, Monica Garrido, Josh Middleton and Marina Moreira are four of the young artists in Buddies’ Emerging Creators Unit program. Credit: Submitted

Until this year, Buddies in Bad Times theatre’s youth program was restricted to creator-performers who wanted to devise and act in their own solo show. While the format provided easy access for burgeoning monologuists, it meant young queer artists interested in other approaches were shut out. Newly appointed unit director Sunny Drake decided to toss this constraint and open the series to a broader range of projects.

For the next week, Daily Xtra is catching up with some of the artists in the Emerging Creators Unit to find out more about their pieces and what they have to say.

The Cunning Linguist, is an autobiographical look at Monica Garrido’s own process of awakening since landing in Toronto.

Chase Lo’s play Al/Lex catches a character at a breaking point.

Frida Khalo Googles Herself is Marina Moreira’s exploration of identity without the internet.

Josh Middleton’s play Max tackles intimacy and neo-masculinity.