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The ‘faggy’ Bohemian Grove: Satanism, rent boys and gay orgies

What the fuck is up with Bohemian Grove?

Former American president Richard Nixon called it “The most faggy goddamned thing you could imagine.”

Bohemian Grove is a men’s club that meets for two weeks in July in Monte Rio, California. The most powerful men in the world — bankers, politicians, movie stars and the elite of society — make up the guest list.

There’s been a lot of speculation about what goes on at Bohemian Grove, and as most conspiracy videos on YouTube will tell you, it’s allegedly two weeks of the filthy rich, powerful and famous walking around naked and fucking each other, as well as gay male, female and child prostitutes. Oh yeah, in between performing occult rituals, of course.

It’s also rumoured to be a place where the most powerful men in our world, who literally control it, make political plans. The deeper you dig into this conspiracy, the more depraved, illegal and terrifying it gets. Some think that American presidents are handpicked by the world’s elite, aka the illuminati, headed by the Bilderberg Group. The Bilderberg Group is made up of world leaders, including the Queen and bankers (who are responsible for the current financial crisis — while the public spirals into debt and poverty, they profit) like the Rothschild and Rockefeller families.

I know this all sounds fucking crazy, mostly because, well, it is, but crazy doesn’t mean unreal. An interview given by Rik Clay about the illuminati and the 2012 Olympics, which many think he was murdered over, has opened my mind to a lot of unfortunate, and crazy, truths.

Think it’s all bullshit? Check out this video, filmed by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, of a ritual called “The Cremation of Care” at Bohemian Grove, which happens every year, with the world’s elite dressed in creepy robes (#satanchic) performing a sacrifice (complete with torturous screams) to a giant owl. Don’t just take my word for it, hunty:

Not surprisingly, there are now motion detecters where Alex crawled in under a gate to gain his unprecedented access to 20601 Bohemian Ave, which is one of the most secured places in the world.

They need all that security if the world’s elite really are walking around naked and fucking anything that has a pulse. I realize these people are evil, are probably plotting the destruction of humanity, and most likely dial 666 for Satan, but there’s a part of me that really wants in. I can’t help it! I have this sick fantasy of being spit roasted by Barack Obama and George W Bush . . .