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The foreign investment debate

The New Democrats are planning to spend their
opposition day on Thursday debating a motion on changing the foreign investment
act, in light of the Electro-Motive Diesel shutdown in London, Ontario. That
said, I’m not sure that EMD is really the best case for condemning the Foreign
Investment Act, considering that the whole situation was outside of the purview
of the act to begin with, and most of the narratives around what happened have
been proven to be false.

Here is more about the CSIS directive that
allows for the use of information obtained by torture – because apparently real
life is like an episode of 24, if you
listen to what the rationale is.

Here is more about how the health minister rejected the call to ban trans fats in Canadian foods.

Rob Nicholson says that the bill on
citizens’ arrests won’t condone vigilantism. But the language in the bill doesn’t
exactly define what is “reasonable” for lengths of time and use of force,
including gunplay, which makes one wonder about the law of unintended

Over at macleans.ca, Aaron Wherry talks to
NDP leadership candidate Nathan Cullen.

Kady O’Malley breaks down the text of
Stephen Woodworth’s motion to reopen the abortion debate, and what it will mean
for the way the vote runs in the Commons.

James Moore puts the $7.5 million price tag
on Diamond Jubilee celebrations into perspective.

Meet the two candidates for the Liberal
nomination in the Toronto-Danforth by-election. The nomination vote is

It appears the PMO has quietly changed the
rules slightly in order to give Afghan interpreters who’ve risked their lives a second shot at resettling in Canada.

Here is another look at the Diamond Jubilee
stained glass window in the Senate foyer.

And over in The Guardian, Colin Horgan
looks at how Harper and company are appropriating things like hockey for their
political gain.

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