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The Gay Exorcist

Does the concept of possession and exorcism confuse anyone else? I mean think about it: the whole thought process behind possession is that horrid demons from an endless pit of torment regularly claw their way into our world for the sake of . . . doing nothing. Seriously, you’re going to worm your way into the earth realm so that you can possess a white-trash, middle-American woman instead of, shall we say, a politician, a celebrity, a scientist, just ANYBODY ELSE.

What I’m trying to say is that either demons are dumb as shit, or “possession” is just mental illness as interpreted through religious dogma.

Don’t believe me? Watch this video showing a pastor performing a “gay exorcism” as he expunges a gay demon from this man’s body. Well, not really. Mostly they just sort of babble at each other until they start screaming incoherently. Honestly, it borders on vaudeville the way these two morons pass the mic back and forth with precise comedic timing. It’s like an Abbott and Costello routine, only instead of talking about who’s on first, they spew gibberish at each other.

Once again: either demons are stupid fucks, or this is bullshit. 

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