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The gayest video on the internet – quote unquote

Mutton dressed as lamb? Methinks this is the case, people. The GAYEST video on the internet. Bitch please.

Just because you mention butterflies in your chorus doesn't make you Mariah Carey. And I just gotta say: finding yourself in LA is about as interesting as finding yourself in a GAP wool striped sweater. Rainbow beachballs and visual coming out of the closet references aside, I'm thinking that the "gay" label to this video is actually of the "that's gay" variety of gay. Which isn't gay at all. Just moderately-to-very offensive. Like the lyrics to the song and the back track. Like five gay guys making a video tribute to a craptacular song.
Contrary to yesterday's posting, check back Monday for the next Xtra Xposed. I pulled the oldest + do not deliver = suspense trick in the book. I know I have ruined your weekend, but Monday will make up for it.