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The Graduate seduces in Arts Club Theatre stage adaptation


I loved this play! It was well paced, well written and well acted. Perhaps I enjoyed it so much in part because I went to the theatre with no expectation, having never read the famous 1963 book or seen more than a YouTube clip of the 1967 screen adaptation starring Dustin Hoffman. I was quickly laughing out loud, and not just because I was as drunk as Mrs Robinson in a teenaged boy's bedroom.

The dialogue was charming and witty, and the stage and costumes were both beautiful. Camille Mitchell played Mrs Robinson to hilarious perfection and was more of a cougar than Madonna in a Brazilian nursery modelling agency.

If you’re looking for a night out that doesn’t involve yet another drag queen lip-synching to Florence + The Machine, I highly recommend checking out The Graduate, playing at the Granville Island Stage until May 14.

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