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The greatest gift of all on World AIDS Day

I wasn’t sure how to commemorate World AIDS Day on the blog. Posting an overly long diatribe about how advances in modern medicine have made HIV a manageable illness seemed too obvious, and a patronizing screed on how you should be getting checked regularly just seemed redundant. So instead, I’m going to be moving in an entirely different direction:

Mocking our derp-ass mayor and his complete lack of coordination.

As I said before, the internet is a fickle bitch that mocks weakness. If Darwin were alive to see this, he’d probably fire a load straight through a wall. So when the above picture of Rob Ford made its way onto Reddit, the internet pounced on it with the glee of a lionness taking down a nice, fat gazelle. Or whatever lions eat. I don’t know. Point is, Rob Ford’s doofy little football kick was photoshopped into every scenario possible to show everyone what a complete tool he is. And it was fucking AWESOME. I’ve taken a few of the best ones and posted them below, but by all means, feel free to submit your own and check out the rest here.

Man, it feels good to see other people photoshopping Rob Ford for once . . . 

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