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The Hangout – Tonight at 560

Dr Peter AIDS Foundation is hosting a fundraiser tonight at 560. I haven't been back at 560 since its grand opening in March and I'm pretty stoked to do a full nosey-parker and snoop around all night. 

Here's the recipe for what's surely going to be a successful fundraiser:

  1. Pretentious assholes – I'm coming and I promise to bring my douchebag boyfriend too
  2. Proceeds donated from art show sales – a whopping 20-30% of the sale of these pieces goes to the Dr Peter AIDS Foundation
  3. Silent auction – up for grabs: training sessions at Weights, a session with Nu Age Body Care and some other stuff, including the DJ (no no just kidding, Langdon is always free)

Anyway, here's all you need to know. Make sure you give Siren a high-five while she's on stage. She loves that shit!


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