Toronto Diary
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The hardtv drinking game

As you saw on the front page of, my new TV show, hardtv, premieres tonight at 10pm (EST) on the cable channel hardtv. Yeah, we kind of phoned it in on the title. Anyway, it’s an hour-long variety show about gay porn, starring myself, Ryan Russell and Eddie Stone. It’s basically a show about sluts, by sluts. What more could you ask for? And of course, the show will also be running on and, if you want more viewing options.

To liven the show up even more and encourage viewing parties, I came up with this little drinking game, because everyone knows that alcohol makes TV better.


  • Every time you see product placement, take a shot.
  • Every time we make fun of a non-porn celebrity, take a shot.
  • Take a shot every time you see Ryan naked.
  • Take a sip of the finest champagne you can find every time you see Eddie naked.
  • Drink yourself to death every time you see me naked.
  • Take a shot every time we interview a pornstar you’ve jacked off to.
  • Chin it every time I do an incredibly awkward interview with Dave Navarro.
  • Take a shot every time Sister Roma announces the number one movie on Naked Sword.
  • Take a shot every time someone cracks up during a scene.
  • Take a shot every time we skip over Brent Corrigan’s performance of his hit new single.
  • Take a victory shot once we get picked up for syndication. 
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