Toronto Diary
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The Hatred Never Ends

The Jewish/Queer minority-on-minority ‘hate’-fest continues, and launches to absurd new heights, with “Toronto lawyer and gay rights advocate Martin Gladstone” claiming that Toronto Pride has “very eerie parallels to Nazi Germany.” Maybe Gladstone’s impression of Nazi Germany was formed entirely by Tom of Finland drawings. Guys, can we not just team up against the obvious bigots in society, instead of tearing ourselves apart?

Meanwhile, the gaybourhood will get a little bit prettier and easier to navigate by bike, as City Council approves mayor Miller’s plan to remove the reversible fifth lane on Jarvis street, adding bikelanes, expanded sidewalks, trees, and streetlighting. Not mentioned in the plan: if the street is suddenly going to become a residential, pedestrian friendly zone, will the other major reason that cars drive down Jarvis Street suddenly find itself displaced?

Also, Buddies finally announced its fabulous 2009-10 Season, featuring Nina Arsenault, the Scandelles, and a host of other sexy queer ladies. Get your tickets now! Alternatively, respond to Buddies’ want ad for a new artistic director. Isn’t it nice to see someone’s hiring in this economy?