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The inevitable court challenge awaits

In case you were wondering, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers does plan to challenge the back-to-work legislation in both the courts and with the Canadian Human Rights Commission (on the basis of discrimination, as new employees would receive less pay and fewer benefits than those who are already employed). Also, there are concerns about the backlog of mail as there has been no authorization for overtime to help process it.

Not unexpectedly, the government has started cutting arts grants. Because you all knew that they were going to be first on the chopping block.

It looks as though the government is planning to sell AECL to Montreal-based engineering firm SNC-Lavalin. No word on a commitment to keep developing Candu-based technology, whether the government plans to keep AECL intact or the future of the nuclear industry in Canada (seeing as this government has also committed to getting us out of the medical isotopes business). But hey, Canada’s back™, everyone!

Not entirely unrelated: our ability as a country to capitalize on science, technology and innovation continues to decline – particularly since this government came to power. Given the way it treats our homegrown science and technology industries (like AECL), is that any surprise? If you look at the numbers, you can see that encouraging private-sector investment through tax incentives is failing our research and innovation sectors – not that it’ll change this government’s particular ideological leanings in this regard. But hey, Canada’s back™ everyone!

Elizabeth May reflects on the third week of Parliament and the filibuster.

On the eve of her retirement, Liberal Senator Lucie Pépin reflects on how her career as a nurse in Quebec during an era when women did not have control over their own bodies made her become an advocate for reproductive rights. I wonder if members of the NDP, who derided her during the last election as part of their little war on the Senate, have any idea about her contribution to causes they hold dear.

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