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The inmates are running the asylum

Iggy!  Look at you, you wild man, rolling the dice on another election — the fourth in five years.  I wouldn't think Canadians would be too keen on going through all that yet again but then Stephen Harper went and said the same and I can't think of a thing he's been right about.

So here we go, once more into the breach.  But does it matter?  With the last election showing a record low turnout, it feels like democracy's taking a beating.  Look around:

The election of Barack Obama for US president got a lot of us excited about a new era of reconciliation and advancement for America — instead, he's been tiptoeing around a right-wing mob that's gone even crazier than ever before and the only thing we gays have gained from the whole sad process is the news that Sarah Palin's hunky ex-son-in-common-law-but-not-really Levi Johnston is going to pose for Playgirl:

What?  In his underwear?  See, not even! 

But if Sarah Palin showed the world that just any moron could become leader of the free world, cheer up knowing that she's still not as crazy as the First Lady of Japan.  She believes that she's been abducted by aliens and met Tom Cruise (actually, Tom Cruise's involvement makes her story more plausible).

And let's not forget Italian prime minister Silvio "Superman" Berlusconi, whose numerous sex scandals distracts from his demands for total obedience. Political scientist James Walston calls it "a reflection of growing
intolerance of any form of dissent….he is convinced that because he was elected
he can do whatever he wants."  Canadians couldn't possibly imagine what that's like!

So Ignatieff is right when he says, "I can’t be an accomplice with a government that doesn’t do its job,"
but let's hope it works.  The art of politics has become so insane these last few years that we might as well choose our leaders by gravy wrestling: