Toronto Diary
1 min

The Leather Pride hangover

So, who has two thumbs and spent the day lying down like a bearskin rug because Toronto Leather Pride kicked his ass somethin’ fierce? This bitch.

First and foremost, congrats to the big winners of the weekend: Mr Leather Toronto, Alex Canning; Bootblack, Tarna; and Mr Rubber Toronto, Gary Major. You all did an amazing job, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the honours!

Second, a huge shoutout to everyone who came to the Toronto Leather Pride event at Zipperz and joined the impromptu flash mob that marched through the Church St Family Fair. Hopefully, it taught people that being kinky doesn’t mean you don’t have a family who loves and supports you. Because really, a family is just a group of people who constantly apologize to each other.

And finally, if there is one thing I learned from this weekend, it’s this: while Victoria Windsor is super sweet, she’s kinda badass when she needs to be. Seriously, she’s adorable, but she’s got more kickass in her left nipple than Chuck Norris has in his entire body. Quote that shit. 

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