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The line must be drawn here!

Gay…lesbian…bisexual…transgender…drag…intersex…whatever form the gap between 'man' and 'woman' may take, it's always a fascinating place to be and one we defend to the hilt.  Except when it comes to pantyhose for men.  Over my cold, dead body!

An Illinois elementary school bus driver has been charged for taunting a 10-year-old boy, calling him "gay" and then inciting the other kids to chase the boy off the bus and beat him. I'd like to see a special place in hell for this scumbag but then hey, he's an Illinois elementary school bus driver — he's already there!

Our best wishes go out to 'Queer as Folk' hero and new 'Desperate Housewives' cast member Gale Harold, who's still in intensive care following his motorcycle accident on Tuesday. But are we so sure it was an accident? Teri Hatcher is infamous for needing to be the prettiest one on set!

Two Indian government cabinet ministers can't agree on whether to decriminalize homosexuality and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says he'll force the duo to sit down together and work it out. I say throw in a bottle of lube and see what happens!

This photo of Colin Powell at a hip-hop event may be the greatest thing I've ever seen:

Some saucy minx is posting whole episodes of Billie Piper's 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' online and while it's never as gay as I'd like, where else will you see a four-way group sex scene written and performed with such  style, sensitivity and wit?  All sex writing should be this good!

And finally, I didn't think anything could be more ridiculous than TV gasbag Bill O'Reilly totally losing his shit at gay Democratic congressman Barney Frank but, once again, here comes Lil' Bill (armed with some snappy editing) to make me laugh really hard:

"I got so many things to yell, my head's about to explode!!!"
Oh Lil' Bill, you're my hero!