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The Lion King is breathtaking, except…

Tonight’s opening-night performance of The Lion King in Vancouver gave me goosebumps.

The actors embodied the animals they played, their movements were fluid, feline and sensual, their costumes amazing. The music was stirring, the overall effect breathtaking.

It was the most original, thrilling production I’ve seen in a long time. Reminded me of Cats so many years ago…

The only off-note was the sudden, jarring heterosexualization of Scar.

I mean, what was that all about? One minute he’s the deliciously evil gay uncle, revelling in his campy villainy. Next thing you know, he’s making unwanted advances on Nala! Huh?

When he said he needed a queen I didn’t think he meant it literally!

Seems to me this production of the Disney story was a touch too mindful of the criticism the Mouse Company took for the original film. By all means, do a better job of consistently incorporating and celebrating African culture, making the good guys as black as the bad guys, and empowering the female characters.

But de-gaying Scar?

Now you’ve gone too far. 

What would Elton John say? 

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