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The little house that could

“I feel the Westboro Baptist Church is the poster child that’s pushing inequality,” Planting Peace founder Aaron Jackson told The Advocate. “So I thought the best place to start was to counter the Westboro Baptist Church’s message.”
And he’s done just that! Jackson bought 1200 SW New Orleans St in Topeka, Kansas — right across the street from properties owned by the Westboro Church — and painted the house rainbow colours, like the gay flag.
The house cost $80,000, but once he got the idea, Jackson had to make it happen. “It hit me right away,” he said. “Huh. That would be interesting to own a house across from the Westboro Baptist Church and turn it into something.’ And then, within five seconds, ‘And I’ll paint it the color of the pride flag.’ Perfect!”
Jackson plans on turning his new property into The Equality House, a drop-in centre that will support a variety of queer and anti-bullying programs.
I bet this has Westboro seeing red . . . And yellow . . . And blue . . . And green . . .