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The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Here's the last day I'm going to post this warning because lord knows, I love to nag (I really do), but enough's enough:

**WinterPRIDE in Whistler started up on Monday and runs until March 8th. Sandwiched between the Olympic and Paralympic Games, this is probably going to be one of the most historic
Pride celebrations in North America. If you want to come and see a few events, get your tickets before coming up. I'll be up there covering the festival for Xtra with photographer Brandon Gaukel. Make sure you say hi!**

Now that that's out of the way:

Today's blog posting is going to be short and sweet. Girl is fighting a cold (like many people in Vancouver I've been run down by the Games) and this gave me a much needed laugh. I know this commercial is marketed towards the straights, but chrissamighty, I know many a gay guy who can relate:

Old Spice Model: call me!

(Thanks, Teresa!)

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