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The Maverick Men: By the people, for the people

Digital Erotica

The term “reality porn” has never been used all too strictly. Consider Bang Bus, the most famous reality porn site ever, where real live porn models get into vans with strangers and have sex as the audience masturbates merrily along to it while pretending that this scenario would end in sexy times and not, say, an Amber Alert. Reality is often dropped long before the actor’s pants.

Cole and Hunter Maverick can be seen as practitioners of reality porn in the purest sense possible. Known as the Maverick Men, from their videos on XTube, they’re the first porn performers to really transcend their tube site origins, open their own site (at and cross over into mainstream porn, while still retaining the basic premise of the videos that launched their careers. There are no pornstars, save for one video featuring Brandon Lewis. The men on their site are fans and work completely pro bono. It’s not so much a job as it is a glimpse into their sex lives. Most of their videos involve the two hairy muscle studs hanging out, partying and fucking with cute boys who hit them up.

“We’ve always tried to keep everything honest and soulful. The content that we produce and share is our actual sex life,” says Hunter, the dark-haired and more boyish of the duo. “We do it all ourselves; we star in it, film it, edit it, market it and distribute it. Also, we don’t have sex outside of our relationship unless it’s for video.”

Logically, you’d figure this process would crash and burn, right? Porn is presumably something of a touchy subject, and for a lot of guys, it’s a supplemental source of income. So you’d figure guys would demand some form of compensation, wouldn’t they? Not exactly.

“Lucky for us, we get hit up by a bunch of guys every day. It’s always exciting to hear from people that are enthusiastic about what we do. We are continually in conversations with people that are interested in starring in a vid,” says Hunter. And what they lack in pay, they make up for in perks. “When we shoot with a guy, we invite him to come stay with us at our home or wherever we are travelling at the moment; we host him, feed him, entertain him and our home becomes his. For obvious reasons, we prefer to really get to know someone before we jump in the sack or invite them into our home.”

If anything, the Maverick Men are another link in the evolution of gay porn as it shifts to a more consumer-based infrastructure. It’s not just a matter of sticking one model with another and hoping they like each other, but rather men fucking because fucking is fun. It’s porn for the masses. To paraphrase Marie Antoinette, let them eat cock.