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The Meat Street Beat – Je Veux Te Voir


Truth be told, like many other Canadians living on the West Coast, I
don't speak a lick of French. When I was presented with a myriad of
linguistic choices in highschool, before making a decision, my mind
naturally latched on to the following pop culture icons:

to the dimpled-miracle that is Mario Lopez, I decided to study Spanish.
And my love of all things latino has continued on, long and strong, to
this very day.

There are times, however, that I wish I had
learned the other official language of our country. Last week, while I
was writing a couple of fashion articles for Xtra! West,
a friend suggested I check out Yelle's "Je Veux Te Voir" and I haven't
been the same since. The first 40 seconds of the video is like a
Walmart commercial on crack.

I have it on good authority that
the song title translates to "I want to see you" in English. To my
endless sorrow, I do not understand anything else, though still find
myself loving Yelle and her synth-heavy know-how. Her short shorts are
short, her hair is bobbed and her beats make me feel like I just rolled
out of bed in the middle of a sexy Parisian discotheque. Je
l'aime…tres fort!