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The Meat Street Beat – Kleerup ft Titiyo vs Dionne Warwick

So can it stop snowing already or what? I feel like I've been stuck in the middle of a Dairy Queen soft serve for the past 48 hours and it's not as creamy and/or delicious as it should be. Mmm. creamy and/or delicious.

Okay. A reader sent in the following link to a review of Kleerup's solo record. You all know how much I like electropop. I would marry it, if it wasn't for this sinking suspicion that it would betray me for someone odious like Jewel (wait that already happened) and/or Ben Mulroney (I smell a one-time-attempt-at-a-pop-career for that guy, something B44-inspired). Just look at him:

I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth. I wouldn't wish this guy on anyone. Well, maybe a certain balding she-monster from the not-too-distant past. No no, even Ben Mulroney is too good for that.

So here's another new year's resolution then:

6) To Keep that Longstanding I-Wish-It-Was-Legal-For-Me-To-Push-You-In-Front-Of-A-Double-Decker-Bus Grudge Alive

(No additional explanation required because I think that says it all)


In the meantime, while you're slushing around on unshovelled sidewalks, this should be making sweet sweet love to your music player:

And this is a New Years shout out for all my homos (and heteros) that put up with my shit 24-7:
Check back this week. I've got some surprises for you to get 2009 started right.