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The Meat Street Beat – The Count & Sinden Feat. Rye Rye “Hardcore Girls” (Don Rimini RMX)

Here's the deal. Yesterday's blog post was rough. Rough indeed. You want the truth, you truth-handler-you? I am still sick as the day is long and…what…a…long…day…it's…been…………….

Are you feeling this song yet? 

Turns out that I love Count & Sinden (remember that track called Beeper???) and this remix by Don Rimini is ir-res-istible. To quote which you should be checking regularly for the hottest new and breaking sounds:
Earlier speculation has turned out to be true: the new Count and Sinden
single is going to be for "Hardcore Girls." And sweet Jesus, what a
single it's going to be. On this remix, Don Rimini, who's buddies with
those Italian savages Crookers, takes Rye Rye's verse and lays it out
more neatly over some demented, popping house.
Check how that chorus is pronounced. God and baby $$$esus…
Here's a quicktime link if you're tired of YouTube: