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The men of

Gavin Waters is one of many stars found on sounds almost like a gimme when it comes to gay porn urls, and a rather rare one at that. I mean really: Men. That’s the url for an entire supersite about men fucking men. If brevity is the soul of wit, then I’m pretty sure Winston Churchill just shit his pants. is a new gay porn site that encompasses four satellite sites: Big Dicks at School (focusing on teacher-student fetishes and classroom fucking), Str8 to Gay (which is all about turning straight boys over to the good side), Drill My Hole (a punishment site for those of you who like your porn as earth-shattering as possible) and The Gay Office (because your office would be so much better if you could bend the cute intern over the photocopier and fuck him cross-eyed while Sue from accounting gives you the thumbs up).

One membership to Men will net you a pass to all four sites. Want to see Trevor Knight shove a phone up Jessie Colter’s ass one day and then watch a prison gangbang with Phillip Aubrey, Gavin Waters, Cliff Jensen and Christian Wilde the next? That would be oddly specific, but Men will grant your wish anyway, because the internet is fucking awesome.

With the rise of tube sites drawing eyes away from professional porn, Men exemplifies the progression of porn sites in an age where porn is being watered down by blurry, out-of-focus Xtube jack-off sessions. The concept of multiple sites’ worth of gay porn for the admission of one flat fee has slowly been gaining steam as a savvy way for consumers and creators to reach common ground., arguably, employs this strategy most effectively.

And here’s the kicker in all this: the site is updated daily. Just in case you were worried that the internet would run out of porn, Men will give you new spank material every goddamn day. On the off chance you manage to blaze through the entire archive (which, on the day this article comes out, will have reached 200 videos) in the space of a day, there will be fresh new butt-fucking the day after. To put this in perspective: it took me three days to get around to folding the laundry I had sitting in a bag in my closet. In the amount of time it takes me to fold socks, the people at Men can get at least six guys to bang each others’ brains out, edit all the footage into three videos, upload it to their sites, and get it to you so you can jack off to it.

We live in a golden age of internet. Just think of it this way: you can get an endless fountain of hot man-fucking for an entire year for less than the cost of a month’s worth of Starbucks. How cool is that?