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The men of Pride Toronto 2015

The sun wasn’t out, but the guns sure were

Another Pride come and gone. Mother Nature didn’t give her best over the weekend, but that didn’t stop certain gentlemen from showing us their . . . Pride. 

You may remember Triggerfish, Toronto’s gay water polo team, from their strange and sexy (but mostly strange) video. Thankfully, the team is no stranger to getting wet.

Also not afraid of getting a little wet? The TD boys. 

A fairly compelling reason to use Trojan condoms if there ever was one. 

Blued is the gay hook-up app from China — the sheer number of people using it would make even Grindr blush. But more importantly, this gentleman seems to be a fan of it. Not crazy about the American Eagle jeans, but hey, no one’s perfect. 

Katya (of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame) is enjoying this man . . . a little too much? 

The only thing better than a man in a uniform is a man with a beard . . . 

But this one looks so sad. Forlorn. Haunted, even, by a ghost from a wishing well. 

Perhaps because he knew no one would ever look at him the way this man is looking at that bottle of Stoli. 

(Photos by Kyle Burton and Nick Lachance)