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The Mighty Real Tour

Ex-members of Tribe 8, Lynnee Breedlove and Silas Howard
put on a show tonight at Divan Orange, (4234 St-Laurent) at 8 pm.

Lynnee and Silas were
members of the San Francisco-based Queercore band, considered one of the first,
from 1991 until about 2005. They were out, proud, punk practitioners of tribadism, but Silas has since
transitioned to male and takes testosterone. Lynnee published a book called Godspeed, since turned into a movie of
the same name. Silas continues to make art, after writing and directing By Hook or By Crook, a movie that
debuted to rave reviews at Sundance 2002.

Tonight’s show is part
of a multi-city tour, the Mighty Real Tour: A multimedia evening of dueling solos with:

Confessions of a Poser with Lynnee Breedlove: A comic look at bodies,
the mystery of the purple dick, lesbo legacies and how to use them, fatherhood,
and the impossibility of ever being man enough.

Thank you for Being Urgent with Silas
A textured tale of a
queer punk spilling into the crappy and exalted glitter of Hollywood’s desire and shame. He searches for
true tales of fierce outsiders and re-imagines the mainstream, ruminating on
American Dream loopholes, burlesque dancers with dementia, and tranny jazzmen.

It will be
entertaining, there will be buckets and there will be knives.