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The Mr Gay Canada Vancouver is . . .

It all went down at Oasis Ultra Lounge last night, when four boys competed to represent Vancouver in the coveted Mr Gay Vancouver competition in Whistler during WinterPride 2013. The winner of Mr Gay Canada will go on to Belgium to compete in Mr Gay World!

The contestants were adorably nervous, but if their bulges were any indication as they modelled Priape underwear (who’s a Nasty Pig?), there was no shrinkage as a result!

Oasis bouncer Brandon Hamilton took home the title of Mr Gay Canada Vancouver, and something tells me it was the pushups he did, dressed in erotic military gear, that cinched the deal.

Contestant Josh Rimer, winner Brandon Hamilton, Raziel Reid, contestants Jonathan McNaughtin and William Doyle. Photo Jon Haywood.

The pageant was full of all the expected clichés, with each contestant boasting about all the good they would do with the title ("world peace” is coming soon to a store near you). All four boys are very interested in stopping all the bullying, murders and imprisonment (such an uplifting evening) of gays around the world. As they strutted onto the stage wearing leather thongs with altruism in their hearts, host Barb Snelgrove even joked, “I wish these guys were competing in Miss Universe, just to see the look on Donald Trump’s face."

Hosts Marc Smith, Barb Snelgrove, Raziel Reid and Gay Whistler’s Dean Nelson. Photo Jon Haywood. 

Mandy Kamp performed two numbers, first as Bette Midler, and then took the house down with Liza’s “New York, New York."

Raziel Reid and Mandy Kamp. Photo Jon Haywood. 

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