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The need to feed

Lydia Lunch live – with readings and food from her macabre new cookbook

Lunch is served! Lydia Lunch reads and eats from her new cookbook. Credit: Veronica Ibarra

Raunchy, renegade rock-and-roller Lydia Lunch is coming to town, and she wants to make sure you’re fed more than just smut. She’ll be reading from her latest book, The Need to Feed, a hedonist’s cookbook full of recipes, rants and revelations. Before the reading, guests are invited to have dinner (or late lunch) with the vixen herself, as the chefs at The Steady Café serve up dishes cooked from the book's recipes.

Lunch decided to write a cookbook because she finds cooking and eating one of the most intimate acts — aside from sex. “You’re actually eating bits of DNA when you eat the food prepared by others,” she says.

The official press release says the cookbook includes “witty and provocative recipes for feeding your friends and lovers nourishing, deeply satisfying food while maintaining a hedonistic downtown lifestyle.”

“Food is like drugs, so you better know who your dealer is,” Lunch says, referring to the pollutants and chemicals consumed daily in our meals and then disposed of. The book’s final chapter provides tips on detoxifying the body and begins with a hazardous warning sign.

Lunch says she is looking forward to visiting Toronto again and partying with local queer celebutantes, including Betti Forde, Andrew Awesome, Lexi Sanfino and Michael Venus, who will share hosting duties at the event.

There’s a Q&A after the reading, followed by an all-night punk-infused dance party, where you can burn off all the calories you consumed. Or you could always skip dinner.

Asked if she had to choose between food and sex, Lunch quickly replied, “I’d suck a cock, as there are no calories.”