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The new black

For those of us lucky enough to be spending an autumn weekend in New York City, there’s an exhibition opening at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art that looks incredible.

Lawrence Graham-Brown, an American multidisciplinary artist and photographer, is curating an exhibit and salon exploring the “black” body titled The Subject Is Black.

“Here these eight artists use the body as the predominant theme, gendered and sexualized in all its strength and glory, questioning a 21st century predicament and narrative,” the Leslie-Lohman site explains.

Graham-Brown’s recent work has engaged with the black male as its subject. For example, Yes/Bumbo Stories examined the “phallocentric and derriere-centric idealization of Black masculinity,” which was exhibited earlier this year. Much of the work on his site explores similar themes of black male sexuality, representation and exploitation.

The Leslie-Lohman gallery is the first art museum dedicated entirely to preserving and fostering the work of LGBT artists, and it seems like they have some really amazing work. Check it out next time you’re in the Big Apple, and don’t miss The Subject Is Black next weekend if you can make it.