Toronto Diary
1 min

The new Muppets movie: yay or nay?

All right, guys, it's time to help me out here. The trailer for The Muppets has just made its way online, and to make a long story short, I got in an argument on Twitter with Jack Shamama over the merits of another Muppet movie. It quickly devolved into the two of us trying to discredit each other's arguments by using pictures of Morgan Freeman. It was pretty much the dumbest Twitter feud ever that wasn't started by Jayden Grey.

Anyway, it's your turn to vote. Will The Muppets be awesome or total shit? And not to sway the vote or anything, but I hear Shamama totally nailed your mom in the ass and never called back. Also, if you vote for me, I will give you a cookie (no I won't). Okay, vote!

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