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The Paris of Atlantic Canada

Credit: Randall Perry

SAILORS. The pier and surrounding pubs on Argyle St fill up with Nordic, Slavic and Canadian sailors so keep your eyes peeled. It’s hit and miss, depending on the week you’re there, as I learned the hard way.

PIRATES. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is playing up Pirates of the Caribbean mania with the history of the East Coast’s swashbucklers and booty. Sample souvenir: a T-shirt that says “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

ART STUDENTS. The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) pulls in an eclectic range of floppy-haired fops. Check out their gallery and work space on the pier.

COTTAGE GAYS. Saturday mornings, the Keith’s Brewery Building (1496 Lower Water St) becomes a labyrinthine market with vendors selling art, wine, knits, preserves and kitsch.

BOTANICAL GAYS. Halifax’s Public Garden is a classic of Victorian landscaping. Be sure to check out the city’s best ice cream at Sugah, located in the indoor pavillion.