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The people vs the anti-Christ

Reverend James Gracie, a minister in the Free Church of Scotland, had this to say on the CBC Radio show Call Kaye:

"If homosexuals, and these people, want to be treated equally, then what about pedophiles? What about polygamy?"

I am so fucking sick of homosexuality being compared to pedophilia. It’s to the point where I think some kind of legal action should be taken against the church and all of its members who choose to denigrate homosexuals and homosexuality by comparing us to pedophiles. We take a lot of shit, but for me, being compared to child fuckers is my breaking point. Who exactly does this pompous asshole think he is? Not only is he insulting the gay community, but he is insulting every child victim of sexual abuse. There is nothing darker or more heinous than stealing the innocence of a child, and for this “man of God” to make the comparison between the perverts who molest children and the homosexual community shows only how far from God he truly is. It is slander and defamation of our character.

"I have my view the same as a homosexual would have his view,” Gracie said after appearing on the show. “I am not homophobic."

I’m all for free speech and the diverse views that exist in our world, but Reverend James Gracie, and other bigots like him, cross the line from free speech to hate speech and should keep their ignorant views between themselves and God the devil.

Homosexuality is found in 450 species. As a “religious” man, Gracie believes God created each of those species. So who is the greater sinner: those who go along with the nature of God or those who insult, degrade and shame it?