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The Pitts

Brad Pitt’s family has been in the headlines lately, with his mother Jane Pitt’s pro-life, anti-gay, sorta racist letter to the Springfield News-Leader and his younger brother Dough Pitt’s new campaign for Virgin Mobile. Doug was on the Today show, where he talked to Matt Lauer about his mother’s provocative views:

"Moms and dads and kids agree to disagree all over the world, so why would our family be any different? There can be healthy discussion when people disagree with you, and I think there should be. The bad thing is when it turns into venom and negativity, and we don’t have that in our family. It’s open discussion; we can learn from each other."

I may not agree with them, but Jane Pitt is entitled to her obsolete opinions. And to be frank, she could say that all gays deserve to be victims of Barack Hussein Obama’s terrorism, and I’d forgive her, because hot damn, that woman passed on some good genes:

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