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The posters

Here’s what the posters said.

• “It pays to be in power. Just ask Kyle. 392-7903. Brought to you by the Campaign To Remove A Prude From Public Office (CRAP-off).”

• “Kyle Rae recently stole some of the credit after a well-fought campaign by community group TNT Men won Hanlan’s Point as a nude beach. Thanks for nothing, Kyle.”

• “Resident associations vote more often then squeegee kids. Just ask Kyle.”

• “Kyle Rae led a city campaign against street kids’ efforts to support themselves through squeegeeing.”

• “Kyle Rae helped shut a Salvation Army hostel for the homeless on Dundas Square because it conflicted with his big business, tourism plans for the area. Thanks for nothing, Kyle.”

• “Kyle Rae limited access for street people to the 519 Community Centre. Thanks for nothing, Kyle.”

• “Wealthy condo owners vote more often then club fags. Just ask Kyle.”

• “Kyle Rae has consistently opposed a dance club within the gay village – including the old Colby’s site which has been a gay club for over 15 years.”

• “Kyle Rae supported a police campaign to close back rooms at gay bars along Church St. Thanks for nothing, Kyle.”