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The power of Christ compelled me

Just when I feel I never want to hear, discuss or think about Sarah Palin ever again (notice I didn't even mention her predictably disastrous interview with Katie Couric), along comes a video like this, in which the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee is seen in her old church in 2005 being anointed by an African minister to protect her against witchcraft. Palin truly is the gift that keeps on giving:

But why does this footage seem so familiar?

Oh. Right:

I worry because Americans have had a lousy track record in keeping fundamentalist morons out of the White House but the ever-perky Sarah Silverman has a plan:

As our All Video Friday continues, would segueing from elderly Jews to a parody of Adolph Hitler's meltdown from "Downfall" be completely inappropriate and tasteless? Of course it would, but Stephen Harper just seems to inspire people:

MTV Canada's Daryn Jones was inspired too — sure he looks and sounds nothing like the Prime Minister but you gotta love him for taking his best shot in the campaign ad we'd like to see: