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The Project

Since 2001, R Edward Jack has been photographing and collecting the stories of gay men living with HIV. The Project captures an essence of gay life at the bud of the 21st century. About the work, the Seattle-based photographer says:

Over the past decade I have photographed gay men, many who are HIV+ and who have bravely shared their images along with their personal life stories of adversity. These volunteers willingly traveled locally, across the country and internationally to be photographed so that they could be documented in an enduring and positive medium. It is a dynamic project that continues to expand as the number of volunteers increases.

In light of recent tragic events involving young men committing suicide and being targets of gay hate crimes, I want to increase awareness of these issues and educate through The Project. No one should suffer alone or in silence. My project focuses on the challenges that many in the gay community face. It also serves to educate the audience on the inner turmoil that ultimately are all shared human experiences. I hope that it may become a resource for others in similar situations from which to seek solace and gain strength.

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