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The Prospectives, a gay serial told on Instagram

Adam Hurly has discovered a new way to tell a story. His serial The Prospectives is being told through Instagram posts with illustrations by Sam Kalda. The Prospectives follows the life of a gay man in New York City.

“It’s basically about people I might encounter in my own life and draws from the many experiences that my friends and I have had,” Hurly tells The Huffington Post. As for why he decided to tell his story through Instagram, he explains that he “wanted to write something that people could read without having to go out of their way. I wanted to find them where they already were looking. Also, telling a story in small pieces seemed like a manageable endeavor.”

“I want this piece to be a time capsule,” Hurly continues. “To do that I have to accurately represent how people communicate. There’s a lot happening with phones: characters are communicating — or miscommunicating — via texting, they’re cruising Grindr and chatting with men who then ignore them in the bar, or they’re flirting with some guy in person who is too distracted by his hookup app to give him proper attention.”

Find more of Hurly’s interview here, and check out The Prospectives on Instagram.