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The Reading List for April 24, 2014

A wonderfully queer list of news articles interspersed with bits of arts and culture: it’s The Reading List!

– Start the day with a bit of music. In this case, what The Advocate calls some of the campiest records ever released.  Anything that includes Yma Sumac is a win in my opinion.

– Queer news blog Towleroad reports on how Grindr users in Australia keep finding evangelicals among its users.

– A great read by Daily Xtra’s Niko Bell on the high rate of steroid use among young gay men.

– BuzzFeed has been reporting on the Bryan Singer sexual-abuse-accusation scandal all week long. An excerpt from today’s story:

 [S]ince launching his career with 1995’s The Usual Suspects and becoming a blockbuster filmmaker with 2000’s X-Men, Singer has been a fixture in the gay Hollywood party scene, hosting and attending gatherings at homes in Los Angeles that have drawn anywhere between a few dozen to 1,200 revelers, most of them very young men. That is not on its face any different than the parties held by powerful heterosexual men in Hollywood frequented by very young women. 

– And to finish off with something a little more lighthearted, an interview with RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Bianca Del Rio. “If you don’t wear a wig, they call you a nasty, hateful queen. If you wear a wig, they call you hysterical.”