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The Reading List for Jan 6, 2014

Time to kick off a new year, and a new edition of The Reading List, a collection of some of the more interesting bits of queer news.

Outing has been a hot-button topic for queer and trans people of all walks of life, especially when it comes to individuals who live within the public sphere. It came to international attention in the 1990s when Queer Nation started putting out posters with images of various celebrities with the caption “Absolutely Queer” underneath. But outing is back in the headlines, with a journalist putting out feelers about a Republican congressman. It is believed that the congressman in question is Aaron Shock.  

The interesting part of all this are the conversations happening around this topic, including an op-ed on The Huffington Post’s website by Allison Hope, a PR specialist, and of all places, BuzzFeed, which posted a discussion between one of its contributors and its legal editor.


On a more sobering tip, boxer and current Big Brother UK contestant Evander Holyfield says that being gay isn’t normal and is no different than a handicap. 


Remember that crazy and amazing video of guys dancing through Paris in heels to the sounds of the Spice Girls? Well, they have done it again, this time to Beyoncé’s “Grown Woman.” Damn!

And last but definitely not least, Jennifer Saunders, from Absolutely Fabulous, talks to Jonathan Ross about the creation of the upcoming AbFab movie. Saunders and Ross talk about the film at the 6:15 mark.