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The Reading List for Jan 7, 2012

The best way to start the week is to know what’s going on. So here are a few stories about what’s been happening today.

– Anonymous has decided that the Canadian government is worth its attention. Interesting. Weren’t they just attacking the Westboro Baptist Church? Nice to see the Harper government is in good company.

–  It’s no secret that I love Azealia Banks. But she got in a bit of hot water this weekend via Twitter. Seems like she called Perez Hilton a “faggot.” He’s a lot of things. And there a lot of names he could be called. But Banks ended up pissing off a lot of people, and she may have lost her record contract. Here’s a recap, via Queerty.

– Liberace was one of the gayest men to exist. So how come a bunch of studio heads thought that a movie about him would be “too gay"? (Via Gay Star News)

And finally, a new video by Ab Soto. Mildly NSFW, but entertaining nonetheless.

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