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The Reading List for July 22, 2014

With Pride in the air this week in Halifax, some of the local media have taken to telling some queer-related stories.

– The local edition of Metro had two major stories in today’s edition. The first discusses the continuing issue of how men who have sex with men are precluded from donating blood. The  second is about the life of a lesbian on the Halifax Regional Police force.  An excerpt: 

“My very first day, there was already a rumour that there was a dyke coming on the shift,” she says, without resentment or anger. “They hadn’t even seen me, or talked to me or met me, just these fears.”

– Activist, lawyer and chair of NSRAP Kevin Kindred sat down with CBC’s Mainstreet to talk about his upcoming timeOUT lecture, How Not To Be Offended. Kindred told Mainstreet, “Don’t use an easy word that sounds like a bomb you can throw and run away. Be more intelligent about what you’re trying to express by pointing out problems in what people are saying.”

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– The trailer for the Alan Turing biopic, The Imitation Game, was released yesterday. Benedict Cumberbatch plays the scientist who helped crack the Nazi Enigma code during the Second World War. Years later it was discovered that Turing was gay, and so instead of being incarcerated for this, he chose to be chemically castrated. He would commit suicide, two years later.

– Erasure has a new album coming out soon and has already started teasing fans with the new single, “Elevation.” Listen below, via SoundCloud.

The SoundCloud content at http://soundcloud.com/erasureinfo/elevation-radio-edit is not available, or it is set to private.

– And last but not least, Robyn & Röyksopp have released a video for their single “Do It Again.” The gang from Sweden had initially released the single back in April of this year. Check out the video below.