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The Reading List for March 14, 2013: The Crowd Sourced Edition

I love the idea of crowd funding.

Websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter are great ways for people to get much-needed funds for their projects from untraditional sources or even directly from fans of their previous work. 

Case in point: Veronica Mars, the cancelled TV series about its eponymous character, is looking to be made into a movie, so its producers went to Kickstarter. Well, it is now the fastest campaign to reach the $1 million mark, and then the $2 million mark. Even The Atlantic got in on the story, but in their case, praising the show for its depiction of the life of a rape survivor. 

Former Kickstarter user Malcolm Ingram is now finally screening his film Continental, about the impact that New York’s Continental Baths had on gay life during the 1970s on everything from sex to drugs to music and more. Check out his interview on Queerty.

As for a contemporary campaign, Alfredo’s Fire
is looking to tell the story of an Italian writer who kills himself by
self-immolation. His reason: to protest the Vatican’s views on

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