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The Reading List for May 22, 2014

Larry Kramer dishes, Trannyshack changes, and the how-tos of butt sex. All this and more on the latest edition of The Reading List.

– You know them, you’ve done them. The “what ___ are you?” quizzes. Well, BuzzFeed may have finally found one that is (semi) worth doing: Which badass LGBT woman in history are you? Apparently, I’m Audre Lorde. And I am more than happy with that. 

– Over here at Daily Xtra, check out JP Larocque’s story “Getting to the Bottom of Anal Sex.” The opening line: If he tells you his apartment is messy, that’s usually a sign.

The Huffington Post interviews transgender activist CeCe McDonald about her experience in a men’s prison as a trans woman. 

The Advocate reports on how the name of San Francisco party Trannyshack is changing.

– Anderson Cooper calls out a Dallas morning talk-show host on her issues with the Michael Sam kiss.

And finally, The New York Times interviews playwright Larry Kramer, where he discusses Barbra Streisand and her issue with gay sex and Truvada.