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The Reading List for Nov 25, 2013: Popping culture edition

Monday mornings don’t always have to be a den of doldrums. They can be a nice, easy introduction to the week. 

As long as those introdutions verge on the ridiculous. Hence the Popping Culture edition of The Reading List.

– Case in point: GQ recently announced its top-10 least influential celebs of 2013: Dennis Rodman, anyone? (via CBC)

– Remember that bizarre oddity that Kanye recently unleashed upon the world? You know, the one even Ellen DeGeneres was unsure how to politely react to? Yeah. James Franco and Seth Rogen decided to do a piss-take/take a piss on it.

– It’s been 22 years since Freddie Mercury passed away. (via Ultimate Classic Rock)

A song to commemorate. 

– And last but not least, an all-too-brief but insightful interview by Michael Musto with Buck Angel, on everything from the physical to the spiritual. (via OUT)