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The Reading List for Oct 24: the Video Edition

This latest edition of the Reading List could easily be renamed the Viewing List. Check it out.

For people of a certain generation, the name Jerry O’Connell conjures up images of a chubby Vern from Stand by Me or the geekily awkward Andrew from My Secret Identity. O’Connell has done a lot to shed that image, and a lot of that poundage. So it is rather bizarre to see him not only rather thin on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, but in a sparkly swimsuit.  

He helped crack the Enigma code. He arguably helped create the first wave of computing. And he was chemically castrated because of his sexuality. A new documentary about Alan Turing, called Codebreaker, tells the story of how one man who helped save the Western world was then harshly judged by it for being who he was.

With the recent news of boxer Orlando Cruz coming out of the closet, HBO’s Real Sports teases an interview with him. “I’m very, very happy [I came out of the closet]. I am free."

Another reason Nick Offerman is amazing. Last week, I posted a link about Offerman’s recent foray into stripping for money. Now he’s talking about the wonders of growing mustaches for Movember.

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