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The Reading List for Sept 15, 2014

– First, a story from CNN about a photographer who captured the lives of trans people in Mongolia.

– John Travolta speaks to the press about a pending lawsuit by a man who claims to have been his lover.  (via Queerty)

– Rob James-Collier, who plays Mr Barrow on Downton Abbey, talks to the Daily Mail about what will happen to his character this season. Hint: it involves trying to deny his sexuality.

– New Yorkers have been eating Big Gay Ice Cream for a while now. But one entrepreneur decided to promote their ice cream by calling it Big Straight Ice Cream, Towleroad reports

– Fashion designer Betsey Johnson recently displayed her latest wares during New York Fashion Week, with a little help from her friends Willam Belli and Sharon Needles

– And Annie Lennox has a new album of standards coming out. Check out this extended trailer/interview with her on her song selections.