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The Reading List for Sept 22, 2014

The weekend is over, and it’s time to get serious and not-so-serious with the Reading List.

First the serious:

Towleroad reports on Grindr addressing the recent issue of its Egyptian users being targeted by police.

GQ pulls out an engaging — and disturbing — long read about military sexual assaults by men on other men and the systems in place to prevent discussion and prosecution of such cases. A must-read. 

Then the unserious takes on somewhat serious issues:

Xtra’s Dr Pega Ren offers advice to a 50-something lesbian on finding sexually compatible mates in her age bracket

– And perfect viewing for your lunch break: John Oliver examines pageant culture and calls out the Miss America Pageant for the way it spins its “scholarship” funding, with a little help from Kathy Griffin at the end.