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The Reading List: Stonewall, Oreos and Diamond Rings


– It’s Pride season across much of North America. To celebrate New York’s pivotal place in the story of Pride (ie, Stonewall), the New York Daily News has a slideshow detailing some of the history that has happened in the Big Apple.

– Having recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, Oreo decided to send out a little message to its queer fans. Well, some people didn’t like that at all. The Huffington Post looks into it.

– Yesterday, I posted about Dan Savage’s comments on the subject of GOProud’s endorsement of Mitt Romney. Gay news-blog Towleroad looks into his most recent comments, as well as Micheal Musto’s.

– The CBC looks into a recent report published by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, stating that the war on drugs has made the HIV epidemic worse and that drug users are forced to go further underground, away from education sources, harm-reduction outfits and clean needles.

– Diamond Rings has a new video out today. The artist appears in a Klaus Nomi-inspired outfit, while his dancers look like the love child of Tina Turner in Thunderdome meets the downtown New York ball circuit. In other words, awesome.

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