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The Return of Boy George…and troublems for the Vancouver Lesbian and Gay Choir

You remember that time I interviewed Boy George? **Drool** It's been a year, people! A YEAR! And some change…but I remember.


Love you, Boy George! Welcome back to Up Your Alley. I'm happy you're non-incarcerated right now. And I'm even more happy that a friend of mine sent me this quote:

"He looks like a dwarf who's been dipped in a bucket of pubic hair." —Boy George, on Prince

Snort. Check out for a quality Chevy Chase send up.

In other news, arts cuts are continuing to have significant impact on our artists. The Vancouver Lesbian and Gay Choir contacted me today through my editor at Xtra West.

Here's what one of their member's have to say:


As you may have read in the papers, the B.C. government
has reduced its arts funding for the upcoming year, and hundreds of
cultural groups, large and small, are suddenly scraping to pay basic
expenses. One of those groups is my beloved choir, The Vancouver Lesbian and Gay Choir. We're entering our twentieth season with big dreams… and almost-empty coffers.

To read more about how you can help, click here.