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The return of Ford

To say Rob Ford was pretty much checked-out for the duration of his stay in office is kinda like saying we got a bit of snow over the past week. Ford has handled his duties as a mayor with about as much passion and dedication as a parent sitting through their kids’ elementary school play, and unfortunately, when you see the maintenance of an entire city as an obligatory nuisance, it usually doesn’t end well.

But for some reason, after Ford was ousted from his office a few weeks back after a highly publicized conflict-of-interest case, Ford is already gunning for a reappointment to the status quo, presumably so he can go back to doing . . . What exactly did he do before?

Reversing his previous position, Rob Ford now says he wants council to reappoint him as mayor, not call a byelection, if he is forced out of office.

“It’s up to the council. They’re going to either appoint somebody or we’re going to have a byelection. They have two options, and hopefully I’ll get appointed — hopefully I’ll win the appeal, and if I don’t, then hopefully I get appointed. If not, then we have to go to the polls,” Ford said during an unscheduled call to Newstalk 1010 on Thursday. [Source]

Granted, Ford shouldn’t be reinstated, if only because this is someone who proudly stated in his own hearing that he has no clue how to do his job, but chances are, he probably will be. Why? Because it’s easier, faster and cheaper just to reinstate him. Rob Ford is like the rerun of The Big Bang Theory you watch for no reason whatsoever: it’s not your favourite thing in the world, and there are much better alternatives out there, but then you’d have to get up and change it, and I mean really, why bother?

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