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The revolution will be tweeted: Utah’s first gay marriage shared on Twitter

Considering how relatively new the advent of social media is, it’s still hard to gauge just what role it can serve in the media. Seeing as Twitter is mostly used as a shuttle for passive-aggression, humble-bragging and shameless self-involvement, you really have to dig deep into its cavernous, bullshit troves for the few errant nuggets of actual news buried within.

Thankfully, every once in a while, real pieces of the human experience will be shared over Twitter for the world to see. As was the case today, when Seth Anderson tweeted his marriage to his partner, the first gay marriage in the state of Utah.

As soon as Utah’s gay-marriage ban was overturned, Anderson immediately celebrated by telling his followers that “Marriage Equality is legal in Utah for about an hour. We are at the office now. The DA just walked in and is having a meeting. Updates soon."

Of course, there were some slight hiccups in the proceedings: according to Anderson, the clerk didn’t initially have the proper clearance to move forward with their marriage licence, and at one point the person processing their application was pulled out by the district attorney, as Anderson cryptically tweeted, “[T]hey are trying to stop this from happening."

But there was a happy ending. Anderson and his partner eventually signed their marriage certificate, making them the first gay couple to wed in Utah. As Anderson put it, “My polygamous Mormon great grandparents would be so proud!"

[Image via Seth Anderson / Twitter]