Toronto Diary
1 min

The roads, they are a-changing

Changes are coming to the gaybourhood as city council votes to remove the reversible centre lane from Jarvis St and add bike lanes on both sides. Reaction to the plan has been mixed, with people who live in the neighbourhood being largely in favour, and those who simply drive through it pissed at the extra two minutes that city planners estimate this will add to their commutes.  

Speaking of changes to the neighbourhood, what’s going on with the clubs here? Crews has been shuttered for weeks — rumour has it that the bar is planning to reopen soon, but there’s no sign to that effect. And now Remington’s is padlocked. The rumour I’ve heard is that the popular strip club wasn’t paying its rent, and that it’s in negotiations to reopen by the weekend.  Not that Remington’s is the only place you can find a hot, nude guy performing in Toronto this week.

Former Blue Jay Roberto Alomar has settled out of court with the ex-girlfriend who claimed that he forced her to have unprotected sex with him despite knowing that he was (allegedly) HIV-positive. The bizarre is all the more bizarre because the Star has chosen to use a generic picture of the inside of a car to illustrate it. 

Speaking of HIV, one of Canada’s top AIDS researchers has decamped to Florida, in response to the Harper government’s cuts to research grants by $148 million. Now, I’m not one to tout political parties generally, but I think we can draw a sharp contrast here with Ontario premier McGuinty’s recent announcement that the province was raising grant spending by $100 million annually.

And my play, Balls, opened last night at the Lower Ossington Theatre and continues to May 17. Tickets can be purchased online at or by phone at 416-915-6747.